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Backwards Wall Clock

The Backwards Clock uniquely has its numbers backwards. Aside from being a little confusing at first, it makes an excellent timepiece for your wall, and it really does make you do a double take. It's an attractive conversation-starter to have in your home and, once you get your head around it, it will make you wonder why the rest of the world does everything in boring old forwards-time. A super talking point.

A backwards clock. What were you expecting?!
Shockingly, it is the exact reverse of a traditional wall clock.( Please check our video to see how the needles go in real)
Perfect for kitchen, office, hall, or anywhere people can admire it.
Made from black and white acrylic.

Each clock measures approximately 12" x 12" and features a quartz clock operating mechanism with minute hand. Includes mounting hardware, requires 1 AA battery, not included.